In May, an additional 2,300 Hungarians registered at British offices that they would like to stay in the United Kingdom after Brexit. With this number, the official registration number has reached 100,000. Registration is running for one more year, and the numbers might change in the future, experts reported.

Portfólió reported that in April, 2,100, while one month later, 2,300 registrations arrived in British offices from Hungarians intending to stay in the UK after Brexit. The British Home Office reported that this number might be higher than in recent months but does not reach the highest record on average, which could be because, due to the coronavirus epidemic, many people changed their minds. 

Currently, the Home Office cannot determine the reason behind the decreasing numbers. It could be the fact that everyday life and economy became uncertain in the UK because of the epidemic, many people lost their jobs, and many doubt being able to afford living in the UK.

The most registrations (17,900) arrived in October, while in September this number was also above 10,000. When the epidemic broke out, registrations fell back to 2,000/month. After the British Government decides to open the country and ease the coronavirus restrictions, the Home Office estimates that these numbers could increase again, but further data will only arrive in the next months. 

Almost 100 thousand Hungarians would like to remain in the UK after Brexit

In February, 5,500 Hungarians asked for a permanent residency permit, so the total number of Hungarians asking for the document rose to 94 thousand. This might be fewer than half of the Hungarians living in the UK. All EU citizens have time until July 2021 to decide whether they would like to remain in the United Kingdom or not.



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  1. Interesting article what it’s prime focus is centered on.
    Those who have decided to leave Hungary, be reminded of this English expression and explanation.
    The wording expression saying is – “At One’s Own Peril”.
    It is hoped, those who have decided that the “grass appears greener ” on there new country of residency, in this case The United Kingdom, they accept and fully understand, that what they have decided, is fraught with danger, and that they are Responsible for there own safety and well being, and the Decision they made, they hold and wear and have ownership of All consequences that may eventuate from there decision to re-locate.
    Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government, have been exemplary, in there Control & Management of the novel corovirus pandemic.
    Hungary, we have been a bright beacon of light in Europe, at our Performance and Results, from a statistical medical position, in our Achievements.
    Question to Ponder – could the same be said of the United Kingdom ?
    Currently – 42,500 deaths – and rising.
    New cases not in decline.
    Country totally lacking in Leadership, in it’s Control & Management, not with stringent laws in place, to separate, isolate , social distancing it’s own citizens and still relatively speaking, openness in its borders – to Overseas and European people movement, into and out of The United Kingdom.
    The United Kingdom – has been a horrendous and catastrophic poor performer in this novel coronavirus pandemic, which saddens me disappoints me.
    We all must Remember – their still has not been a Vaccine discovered for the immunization of humans against contacting this novel coronavirus.
    Statistically speaking – Hungary is far safer “greener grass” that the “dales” or “marshlands” or whatever, that is the United Kingdom, at this challenging time.
    At One’s Own Peril – draw lots out of this expression ///
    Stay Well – ALL.

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