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An overwhelming majority of Hungarians say the costs of the fight against climate change should be borne by the world’s biggest polluters, according to a survey by the Századvég Foundation released on Monday.

Fully 91 percent of respondents said the world’s biggest polluting companies and countries should be made to cover the costs of climate action, with 77 percent saying the European Union should adopt a redistribution system to achieve this.

Altogether 60 percent of respondents blamed corporations and their violation of environmental regulations for the pollution responsible for climate change.

Concerning the government’s environmental policy measures, fully 93 percent were in favour of supporting solar energy and the government’s afforestation scheme.

Altogether 89 percent of respondents backed the decision to ban single-use plastics and 85 percent agreed with government support for electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, fully 81 percent of respondents disapproved of European Union proposals for a CO2 tax on residential buildings or tax hikes on fossil fuels, while 84 percent rejected a plan to raise utility prices.

Altogether 83 percent of respondents expect the government to introduce stricter regulations for the biggest polluters.

Fully 98 percent said the government should take firm steps to eliminate illegal waste sites and 84 percent urged more substantial measures aimed at protecting Hungary’s rivers.

Századvég conducted the survey with a sample of 1,000 adults.

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Source: MTI

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