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Several recordings on the Hableány tragedy were shown in the Tuesday session of the Budapest-Regional Court. One of them, the most tragic and shocking video recorded by an American tourist from the bow of the Viking Sigyn cruise ship right before the collision, was seen with sound for the first time.

The tragedy of the Hableány sightseeing boat two years ago in May was not only an unbelievably tragic accident that shook many, but a big lawsuit trying to figure out who is really responsible is still in the process. 
According to the indictment, the Viking Sigyn left the dock called Akadémia on the 29 of May in 2019, a little before 9 pm. In a couple of minutes, the ship started accelerating and for

the next five minutes, the much smaller Hableány boat was visible both to the naked eye and on all radar equipment of the cruiser.

According to the prosecutor, during these 5 minutes, “the captain did not concentrate on navigating the ship due to personal reasons”. Thus he did not detect the presence of Hableány, did not increase their speed and did not open the radio’s emergency line. 5 minutes after 9 pm, the big cruise ship ran into the small boat and technically ran over it.

The 30-metres-long sightseeing boat sank in about 30 seconds. 28 people lost their lives that night.

Read all information about the collision here.

According to forensic experts, the captain of the big Viking Sigyn had to know they were about to crash into the small sightseeing boat. However, they say that the accident could not have been avoided even if any of the two vessels decreased their speed. Moreover, they all agree that even if the captain of Hableány suddenly navigated the boat to the right, the collision still would have happened, as in this case, the stern moves first, that still would have crashed into the Viking Sigyn. Thus, the responsibility of the Hableány’s captain will not be investigated, writes telex.hu.

The man’s voice recording the video can be heard clearly. He kept on asking, “Where is the boat?”

Then a man is seen on the footage running towards the bow to see the boat, and a woman starts screaming, probably to the captain, to “Stop the boat!”

The captain of the Viking was asked whether he recognised himself on the video, but as he previously denied making a confession, he did not have to answer the question. According to the lawyer of the Hableány’s captain, however, the Ukrainian captain of the Viking was clearly seen on the footage having no idea about what had just happened.


In this footage, we can clearly hear the Viking’s passengers screaming in English “Oh my God, it is a boat! Oh my God, it is a boat!”

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