A hidden room was found in Vajdahunyad Castle, the building which gives place to the Hungarian Agricultural Museum, reports hvg.hu.

Renovators of Vajdahunyad Castle weren’t prepared for the hidden room they had discovered behind a built-in wardrobe along with the 120-year-old plans of the architect of the building. The room had been hidden from the public since the 1950s, when the patinated castle was modernized with new furniture, and people seem to have forgotten about the secret place. The strange discovery was reported by RTL Klub.

The discovery is significant because of the early construction plans of the architect, Ignác Alpár, one of the most acknowledged Hungarian architects of the 19th century. Alpár designed more than 30 public institution buildings and numerous county halls, contributing to the cityscape of modern-day Hungary. Due to the elegant, clear lines and meticulous, Renaissance-like details of his plans, he became the most employed Hungarian architect of the era, leaving behind 130 fascinating buildings. His public projects were built in historicist, eclectic style, which is the most common among the buildings of Budapest.

The building of Vajdahunyad Castle was the one that brought nationwide success for Ignác Alpár, who had begun his independent practice in 1890, and created the designs for Vajdahunyad Castle on the occasion of the millenary celebrations in 1896. When designing the building, he used techniques and architectural styles that were practiced in Hungary from the Middle Ages until the Baroque era, giving an archaic look to the popular Budapest sight. The castles also features copies of several landmark building from all around historical Hungary, especially the Hunyad Castle situated in Transylvania (in Romania today).

Next time you take a walk in the Budapest City Park, take a closer look at the Vajdahunyad Castle, you may find another secret in the building!

based on articles by hvg.hu and mezogazdasagimuzeum.hu
translated by Laura Kocsis

Photo: www.mezogazdasagimuzeum.hu

Source: http://hvg.hu/

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