According to, the Volt Production and the MR2-Petofi Radio organize the Nagy-Szin-Pad talent show for the second time.

The semi-finals are being held at Akvarium Club (1051, Budapest, Erzsebet square 12.) which has started on 21st May 19:00 and will end on 23rd May 22:30. The entrance fee is 1000 forints. Nine popular bands are in contest to be in the biggest festivals’ main stages. There are 3 semi-finals for the 9 participants to compare their talents. From these 3 semi-finals, one band from each will be able to perform in the final contest, which will be on 30th May. The first two contests had happened the previous nights and today we’ll have the last competition to find out who will be in the final. The audience will decide; so go and support your favourite band with your vote. The detail of how to vote can be found on website.


Based on article
Translated by Andrea Toth

Photo: Akvarium Facebook page


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