Budapest, March 25 (MTI) – The minister of human resources has called a national conference of head teachers for next Friday.

Zoltán Balog told public radio on Friday that key players in public schooling would be briefed on government plans so that they can report the information back to their own schools. Afterwards, the aim is to hold regional forums so that everyone gets hold of the relevant information and so it should become clear that “we are taking this thing seriously”.

He said the head of more than 300 schools will be invited to the Academy of Sciences in Budapest. The academy, he added, would be of great help in respect of the “educational forms of the 21st century”.

The minister said an important part of the discussions would be questions of maintenance and financing. He also said a key issue for teachers of reducing the burdens on them would be addressed, adding, however, that assessments, external controls, and professional supervision is necessary.

Balog said that it must be made clear that in this day and age the world is changing, and expectations are that people must work harder. This also means that children must do so, too. At the same time, a system must be established which is rational and efficient so that it does not “rob them of their childhood”, he said.


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