Csaba Káel, the representative of the Hungarian Film Institute, reported that by the second half of the year, a platform similar to Netflix would be available, made by Hungarians.

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Infostart wrote that the movies and other cinematic products for the platform will be provided from the archive of the National Film Institute. Since January, the institute has been working on organising its copies and changing its whole structure in the future.

Káel said that it was a long and tiring procedure to earn the rights of television, documentary, cartoon, and animation movies and not just cinematic products.

This year, the institute has an approximate 17 billion HUF budget (49 million EUR) to make other necessary investments. The institute aims to boost movie making and to encourage producers and writers to think out of the box and introduce television series and other genres in Hungary. Also, the institute would like to broaden its market to an online platform to make many products available to everyone.

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Káel reported that the institute is starting a Hungarian Netflix, similar to the original platform. Its name remains a secret for a while.

The Hungarian Film Institute is considered to be the biggest and most productive one in Central Europe. Many copies were or are currently being restored to make them available on the brand-new online platform. From the platform, university film clubs, cultural institutions, and even schools could download these products to bring Hungarian filmmaking closer to the younger generations.

The institute also emphasised the importance of making historical movies about Hungary because they help to understand the country better and to remember the golden as well as dark times of the country.

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Source: www.infostart.hu

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