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Natural population decline accelerates further in Hungary

Natural population decline accelerates further in Hungary

Hungary’s natural population decline grew in the first eight months of the year as the number of births edged down by 0.6 percent and the number of deaths was up by 6.9 percent compared with the same period last year, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) reported on Wednesday.

Figures show that there were 60,164 births in January-August, down 376 from the same period a year earlier. According to leap-year-adjusted data, the number of births for the period was down by 0.2 percent compared with 2016.

The number of deaths was 89,127, KSH said. If adjusted for the leap-year effect,

the number of deaths was up an annual 7.3 percent.


The rate of natural population decline (28,963) was 27 percent higher compared with the same period in 2016 (22,851).

The number of marriages fell by an annual 3 percent to 35,963.

According to the United Nations’ 2017 Revision of World Population Prospects report, a quarter of Central and East Europe’s population could vanish by the end of the century unless a big change happens. Even though this is only an estimation, it’s quite shocking that only six million people are expected to live in Hungary by 2100. Read more HERE.

Also is a huge problem, 26 percent of the deaths (approximately 32,000 cases) could be prevented in 2014 if there were proper equipment and better healthcare system, based on the date of National Healthcare Services Center (ÁEEK).

There is a serious labour shortage in Hungary when it comes to professionals, such as doctors, IT specialists and engineers, with more experts leaving every day. A survey revealed that money is not the only factor when professionals decide to leave the country. Those who live abroad could be motivated to come back if certain aspects of Hungarian life could be improved.

Source: MTI/KSH

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