Brussels, February 4 (MTI) – Hungarian politicians have their work cut out to make public discourse less harsh, Hungary’s European commissioner Tibor Navracics said at an event in the Balassi Institute in Brussels organised by the Hungarian Wave cultural and public-life society.

Asked by a journalist about whether public discourse appeared course from the perspective of Brussels, where Navracsis is commissioner for education, culture and youth, he told the event late on Tuesday that striking Hungarian common turns of speech stuck out to someone who reads with greater awareness in a foreign language.

He said personally he was someone who thought aloud from time to time, and in politics this was often interpreted as a sign of softness. Navracsics said he was a more meditative type who was incapable of political boilerplate responses to every question.

Navracsics said that whereas he knew well and liked the founders of the ruling Fidesz party, in its early days Fidesz had appeared to be too shrill for his tastes, and had relied too much on demonstrations and protests of outrage. He said he felt he could not contribute to this. He went on to explain that he identified with Fidesz’s efforts to build up the party as one based in civic society.

“I’m civic-minded. I believe in a civic Hungary,” the former minister of justice and public administration said, noting that, within the broad definition of the term, many had tried to pigeonhole him.

He said he regarded his own career as “successful in a certain way” in terms of having implemented public administration reform in Hungary. But he said he regarded his efforts to promote his own system of values and inculcate his own tone within the Fidesz party as a failure.



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