shared the great news with the fans of The Witcher – not only is Netflix planning to film a miniseries, but the location will be, as it is very often these days, Budapest, Hungary.

The Witcher game series is very popular worldwide and in Hungary, so for most of you, it probably needs no introduction. However for that less fantasy or gaming inclined, here is a little recap. The series is actually based on the book of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski and follows the story of Geralt, one of the last of his kind: a witcher (a warrior with supernatural abilities). He is the main character of the games as well, where you can wander the Middle Ages-like fantasy world and hunt down monsters with the bounty-hunter witcher.

Hit game and now TV series?

The latest edition of the games, The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt achieved great success, so it is no wonder that Netflix now intends to turn it into a TV series.

According to the latest information, they will shoot The Witcher TV series in Budapest.

We have recently reported that there are over 2,000 requests annually to film in Hungary so one of those might just be this one. The news spread after Omega Underground News tweeted that they are preparing to shoot an 8-episode-long series and are now casting.

Rumour or reality?

Of course, this news has not been officially confirmed, but the latest The Witcher game has been a huge hit and the whole fantasy world counts as a benchmark for the industry, so it makes sense that they plan to film a TV series as well.

Fans are already excited because previously we have heard rumours that Henry Cavill (DC’s Superman) would love to play Geralt. Nevertheless, one must treat these pieces of news carefully, as a few years ago we have already read about the idea that The Witcher would appear on HBO, but then nothing happened.


The location of the shooting, Budapest is not surprising. Not only is, for example, the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is filming here at the moment,

but the city has already been featured in several Netflix productions as well.

Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules, Van Helsing, Season of The Witch and Netflix’s own Marco Polo were all shot in Hungary.

Fans are a little worried how their favourite novels and games will look on the TV screen and can only hope that Netflix will do justice to it. We will keep you posted about the latest developments.

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