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New Bettermann’s building inauguration in Bugyi

New Bettermann’s building inauguration in Bugyi

Bugyi (MTI) – The success of the Hungarian subsidiary of OBO Bettermann is the joint achievement of Germans and Hungarians, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday at the inauguration of a new company building.

Located in Bugyi, near Budapest, the subsidiary is the most successful unit of the German electrical accessories manufacturer, he said.

The reason the company has stayed in Hungary and is now opening new factory halls is because Hungarians workers have demonstrated that they are able to meet the highest German standards, Orban said.

Photo: MTI

During the event, a head statue of former German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher was inaugurated, in the presence of his widow Barbara Genscher.


Addressing the unveiling ceremony, Orbán praised Genscher along with former Bavarian minister-president Franz Josef Strauss and former Chancellor Helmuth Kohl as historic personalities who had never given up the dream of Germany’s reunification, a precondition for the freedom of eastern and central Europe.

Even though the three of them had different party affiliations, they all stood up for national interests and unity, he added.

Orbán said Hungary has many friends in Germany but few stand up for the country when it is against the European mainstream. Genscher was one of those people who considered friendship more important than the front-page support of the media, Orbán added.

The company group involved in electrical and building installation technology is based in Menden, in western Germany.

Source: MTI

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