The new Budapest Card, the capital’s official “city card package”, the Budapest Guide and the Budapest Card Catalogue for this season have been issued in eight languages, reports.

This year, a new set of redesigned cards – adjusting better to tourists’ needs – is going to be circulated, and they will be useful at several new places. Besides 24, 48 and 72-hour city cards – which were also popular – 96 and 120-hour cards are going to help tourists, and a 72-hour Budapest Junior card is going to help younger tourists in discovering Budapest. Regardless of how long they are valid, they offer the same service packages. For the holders of the 72-hour Budapest Junior card, services are available at a discount, informs.

In 2016, the Budapest festival and tourism centre sold nearly 200,000 days with Budapest Card. The numbers of cards sold rose in 2016 as opposed to the previous years, and this is also because of the increasing number of tourists.

The capital’s official set of city cards is the so called Budapest Card, with which, in case of buying it, certain tourist services are free or are available at a discount.

According to, the aim of the distribution of the card is, on one part, to increase revenue to be used for the capital’s touristic marketing, on other part, to promote an even more favourable city-image. Another aim is to provide visitors with experience through which they can get to know Budapest’s busy cultural life.

Learn more about Budapest Card.

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