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Budapest has a new local tour guide that you can easily fit into your pocket, it’s free and available 24 hrs for your service.

MyCityHighlight is a Swiss company specializing in tourist products and platforms with the promise ‘Sightseeing Like a Local’ , and this year the firm expanded with new cities, including Budapest debuting with its most recent Mobile App, that allows you to discover and explore Budapest free of clichés and like a real local.

Here is an opportunity to represent Budapest in a way that you can feel like a real “magyar”. And how is that possible? Because the App is managed by a city resident – the City Manager -, who shares local knowledge and insights, and whose main goal is to offer the most authentic experience.

Since August the ‘Budapest Travel Guide’ app was available on Android phones but now it is also online in the IOs App Store. The App is totally free and allows you to visit and explore Budapest in a totally different way. You can find different categories of highlights like

Sights, Culture, Restaurants, Nightlife, Shops and Markets, Adventure and Leisure time activities, Squares, Parks and Playgrounds, Coffee and Gelaterias, Wellness and Beauty, Useful (Hospitals, ATMs, Public Toilets) and Hotels.

Many category also has subcategories and they have the Events set where even hungarian habitants can find interesting informations, since there is always something happening in town but it is hard to keep track on it.

With MyCityHighlight you can always be updated about the most important happenings in town. They are also very family friendly, to help couples who are travelling with children they have some special filters like Top 10 for family, Families with young kids, or with teenage kids, but you can also filter what to do in rainy weather, night programs or out of the city.

What makes MyCityHighlight special is that they are not a travel guide where every single monument and information about Budapest is uploaded,

but only places that is really worth visiting,authentic events that can be of interest in wide range of people and the best spots in town. Visitors can rate the app, the highlights, add comment or ask questions on Forum directly from me. Some highlights also has secret tips, which makes sightseeing easier.

Besides the suggestions, highlights and routes provided by MyCityHighlight Budapest, the brand also intends, in a very near future, to offer vouchers and offers to its users, as well as offering advertising and promotion solutions for the local businesses.

They are coming with something that is a new way of discovering the city, called Detective Trail. In this way you can explore Budapest in a treasure hunt way, where you have to answer tricky questions about highlights on your prepared route and at your final location you can receive a small gift in exchange for your great answers.

The MyCityHighlight Budapest Mobile App is available

for Android devices on the following Google Play link:

and the IOs link is:

MyCityHighlight is available in 25 European cities already, being Budapest one of the most recent ones, launched in August 2017.

Source: Press release

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