Carpathian basin

The newly established Carpathian Lawyers’ Network, an international group of lawyers working in Hungarian as well, formally introduced itself at a Hungarian festival in Cluj/Kolozsvár, in western Romania, on Friday.

The network comprises lawyers and law students who also use Hungarian for their work around the world.

Greeting the new organisation, László Kövér, the Speaker of Hungary’s Parliament, said in a letter that the Network can strengthen cooperation in alliance with the Association of Hungarian Lawyers in the Carpathian Basin beyond the borders.

Erika Mayer, the founder, told MTI after the event that the Network has been established as a community with the aim to promote cooperation among professionals working in Hungarian.

“Our goal is to adopt a common legal position on issues such as migration or EU affairs that arise in more countries,” she said.

The event on Friday was attended by lawyers from Hungary, Transylvania, southern Slovakia and Serbia’s northernmost region of Vojvodina.

Source: MTI

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