The preparation for the new Danube bridge between Komárom and Révkomárom progresses according to schedules. Licensing plans are completed, construction permit is currently in process. Following the availability of resources and an efficient public procurement, the construction can begin in 2016 – told the National Infrastructure Development Company (NIF) on its website.

According to the company’s information, the bridge will be 600 m long and 20.4 m wide.


The new bridge (ensuring vehicular-, pedestrian- and bicycle traffic as well) will be built West of the two cities, about 200 m from the current railway bridge.The carrying capacity allows the passage of heavy vehicles, which can significantly contribute to the further development of the region. The traffic of the downtowns will be relieved, as well as that of the Elizabeth Bridge, connecting Komárom and Révkomárom.

10694384_356680747838406_3758292544580210396_o states that the construction of the bridge will be accomplished with the help of EU funds and national co-financing.

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