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According to‘s report, the data about the number of foreigners living in Britain in 2017 has just been published. Local newspapers focused on the fact that a tenth of the population is still not British, the huge number of Polish living in the country as well as the rising number of Romanians who arrived in the country last year. However, the data about Hungarians is also worth taking a look at.

According to the new data, in 2017, a total of around 93 thousand Hungarians lived in the UK. This breaks down to an estimated 41 thousand men and 53 thousand women,

making Hungary the 27th on the list of countries with the most number of people living in Britain.

Compared to the numbers from 2015, a significant increase can be observed: back then, around 80 thousand Hungarians lived in the UK (38 thousand men, 42 thousand women). Already by 2016, this number grew to 91 thousand, with a 44-47 thousand ratio of men-women. These numbers only include those who were born in Hungary. (Some of these numbers are rounded up, so they may not add up in their rough forms.)

The number of people living in Britain who have official Hungarian nationalities was 98 thousand last year (43-55 thousand men-women). In 2016, this number was 94 thousand, the year before that 82 thousand. The difference between these numbers and the ones mentioned above is probably accounted for by those who were already born in Britain or who went there from the neighbouring countries.

The data also shows that 7 thousand Hungarians were born in the UK, 87 thousand in Hungary and 5 thousand in other countries. In the past two years, the number of people born there was 4 thousand, meaning that

in just one year, 3000 Hungarians were born in Britain.

The study also sheds some light on the reason for the migration. Most people explained their move to the UK being work-related. The second reason involving the most people was joining other family members who lived there already. And a significantly less amount of people moved to the UK to study or for other reasons.

Most people currently living in the UK came from these countries: Poland (922 thousand), India (829 thousand), Pakistan (522 thousand), Ireland (390 thousand) and Romania (390 thousand). Other countries high on the list include Germany, China, Nigeria, Italy, Kenya and Australia. Hungary is the 27th on the list.

For more details about the number of Hungarians leaving the country, check out this article about Hungarian students going abroad.


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