A new reception building and a visitors’ centre have been built, and four permanent exhibitions have been constructed in the Rotunda building that hosts the famous Feszty Cyclorama in the Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park, travelo.hu reported.

The development that was supported with more than HUF 1 billion European Union grant started two years ago, and was inaugurated on Monday.

As a part of the development project, a new reception gate was set up, with two tourist areas and several information points. In addition, a new visitor’s centre has been built, where a conference room suitable for 200 persons, a 3D cinema room, a garner for temporary exhibitions, and a room where a tactile exhibition for visually impaired people can be found.

Owing to the development, the Rotunda building can now be walked around, and four permanent exhibitions have been furnished in the newly gained spaces, which perfectly suit the theme of the building.

The Feszty salon introduces visitors with the history of the cyclorama, the archaeological and numismatic exhibition demonstrates the relationship between the two disciplines with the help of the findings discovered in the region, and the multimedia playground help acquire the historical information in an interactive way.

Moreover, in the new heritage workshop, visitors can get acquainted with carpentry, and gain insight into the art of working with wood.

based on the article of travelo.hu
translated by Gábor Hajnal

Source: http://travelo.hu/

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