Emerald Residence, Budapest, Hungary, hotel
Photo: www.facebook.com/Emerald-Residence-Biggeorge-Property

Budapest will soon welcome a brand-new exclusive hotel at Szervita Square close to Szent Anna Church.

Hungary, Szolnok, hotel
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Magyar Építők reported that the building called Emerald Residence would operate as an apartment house and hotel at the same time. As the building is built close to the church, it is an important factor to establish a historical connection between them in their architectural structure.

Emerald Residence, hotel, Hungary, Budapest
Photo: www.facebook.com/Emerald-Residence-Biggeorge-Property

The plans result in an elegant hotel built out of exquisite materials connecting old and modern architecture in the same place.

Emerald Residence, Hungary, hotel, Budapest
Photo: www.facebook.com/Emerald-Residence-Biggeorge-Property

The iconic green colour of Emerald will be combined with champagne-coloured elements and decorated with marble elements. Mirrors and furniture structures will also be added to the structure to make it more unique and spectacular for the visitors’ eyes.

hotel, Budapest, Hungary, Emerald Residence
Photo: www.facebook.com/Emerald-Residence-Biggeorge-Property

Along with a restaurant inside, the hotel will also feature a special garden connected to the church building itself. The hotel will offer full service for every guest with the restaurant and also with a bar.

The Szent Anna Church will also be under renovation works which will allow guests to observe the religious monument’s every inch.

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Budapest, Hungary, hotel, Emerald Residence
Photo: www.facebook.com/Emerald-Residence-Biggeorge-Property

Source: www.magyarepitok.hu

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  1. Szervita Square / Szent Anna Church, from our house we walk through daily. Personally the architectural design of the Hotel / Apartments and “other” major constructural building(s) ALL still under construction lack for me a “happy marriage” of complimenting each other and over-all do not enhance to me personally the beauty and location, the history to District v that is Szervita Square.

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