debrecen flower carnival mikepércsi csárdás record

As reported, a new Hungarian record has been set when 326 people danced a traditional folk dance choreography in Debrecen. 

326 Hungarians were dancing the Mikepércsi Csárdás to set a new record at the annual flower parade in Debrecen. The folk dance choreography of the Csárdás was created by András Béres around 80 years ago.

It was András Béres who originally came up with the whole idea of the Debrecen Flower Carnival – now hundreds of Hungarians came together to dance the legendary folk choreography at the 25th anniversary of his death, during the flower carnival.

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The Mikepércsi Csárdás had played a significant role as the opening song of the Debrecen Folk Band’s performances for years. However, it has been forgotten for some time, to be “re-discovered” in Mikepércs so that it could become a symbol of the village.

In 2009, 318 dancers participated to make a new record – this year, the record has been overturned by 326 people.

debrecen flower carnival mikepércsi csárdás

Dancers of more than 20 villages and cities participated in the performance. There were participants from Mikepércs, Debrecen and Rozsály, with others coming from Poland or the Netherlands. The youngest dancer was 8 years old, while the oldest member was a 74-year-old men from Hajdúdorog.

This also shows how vital folk music and dance are in Hungarian tradition and culture. We have written about Hungarian folk art before and also discovered the traditionally used instruments in Hungarian folk music. Besides the Debrecen Flower Carnival, lovers of folk performances will surely enjoy the 25th International Folk Festival in Százhalombatta.

The spectacular event took place at the annual Debrecen Flower Carnival. The flower parade started on the 14th of August, and it lasts for a whole week. The festivities include programs such as concerts, dance performances and interactive programmes.

debrecen flower carnival mikepércsi csárdás

The biggest attraction of the carnival happens on the 20th of August, when vehicles carrying enormous flower compositions are driven through the city.

The compositions, which are accompanied by international and Hungarian dancers and performers, are made of hundreds of thousands of flowers.

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