The Collection of Hungaricums and Hungarian Values have been expanded, as new products have been added to the list of protected values of the country, reports hvg.hu.

Sándor Fazekas, Minister of Agriculture announced the additions after the Hungaricum Committee’s meeting on Friday, June 17. As it turned out, the Hungarian dulcimer, the Törley champagne, Piros Arany (a condiment made of quality paprika), Erős Pista (made of hot paprika), beehives, and the culture stone of Bükkalja officially became Hungaricums.

Furthermore, the Minister also said that from now on three Hungarian breeds of sheepdogs and hounds, the Bikavér wine of Eger, the Fisherman’s soup of Tisza, the Mihalkó Hortobágy shepherd’s hat, among frozen food products, the mayfly and the yew bloom, the Dobos cake and the National Blue Trail became listed items of the Hungarian Values.

Therefore, the Collection of Hungaricums now proudly lines up 60 items, while the Collection of Hungarian Values include 143 items specific to Hungary.

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Source: hvg.hu

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