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Budapest, 2018. november 1. Nõ sétál a Fiumei úti sírkertben mindenszentek napján, 2018. november 1-jén. MTI/Mohai Balázs

Daily minimum temperatures were broken in Budapest and Hungary early on Saturday, the national weather service said.

Until now, the mildest dawn on November 3 has been in 1970, when the temperature was 14.6 C. in Budapest and 13.8 C. in Sopron.

This year, the daily minimum temperature was 15.1 C. in the capital and 15.8 C. in Tatabánya, according to preliminary data.

Daily maximum temperatures were also broken on Saturday, both in Budapest and in the country.

The previous daily high for November 3 was 23.5 C., measured in 1970. This year, it was warmer in several places in Hungary, with the new record high set at 24.4 C., in Sarkad.

In Budapest, the daily maximum temperature was 21.6 C., more than 1 C. higher than the previous record of 20.5 C., measured in 1924.

As we wrote a few weeks ago, the water level of the River Danube has continued to drop from a recent record low, dipping to 41 cm at Budapest, read more HERE.

Weather forecast for today

Mix of sunshine and cloud with some gusty south-easterly winds in places.

Lows: 6, 12 C.

Highs: 18, 23 C.


25 years ago the residents of Budapest had to endure four truly hot days (above 32 Celsius degree) a year, while in the 2010s it has increased to 12. According to the most likely forecast models by the end of the century, this number is going to reach a whole month, read more HERE.


Source: MTI

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