Budapest Airport has been operating its new service for those who would like to change flights in Budapest. The service called bud:connects is operated by The company dealing with travelling technology and methods would like to offer new approaches and visions for airports and other travelling services.

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Turizmus reported that since the beginning of July, more than 250 passengers used the brand-new service of the airport. Transferring from one plane to another is stressful for many passengers travelling with two tickets, especially for those who arrive at a particular airport for the first time. The new service would like to help these people with the most effective methods. 

With the offered Smart Pass service, Kiwi would like to provide an easy way for passengers to get from one plane to another. In some cases, passengers can also obtain information at dedicated service desks and from the staff of the airport. 

The staff of the airport also helps to get passengers through the security check, passport control, and they even notify the gate about the Bn passenger’s arrival. If someone would miss the transfer, the service helps to find another flight. 

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Budapest Airport to open coronavirus testing centre

Chief Commercial Officier of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest announced that the establishment is ready to open a brand-new coronavirus testing centre as part of the airport.



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  1. I cannot believe that this service is really necessary at Budapest Airport. There is 1 large terminal bldg there with a manageable layout for most passengers. Handicapped passengers no doubt require help. I could understand this service if we were talking about London Heathrow, Frankfurt or another large airport with several terminal buildings and the need to move from 1 terminal to another one. I cannot see this being used much even when air travel returns to normal levels.

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