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Private individual András Botond Gáspár established a new taxi company in Budapest called Taxim Infinity. The new company has major plans in the future to make themselves competitive in the labour market.

According to, Taxim Infinity will soon have an online application which will be available on smartphones as well. With this new application, passengers will be able to call a cab in the Hungarian capital city and do not have to look up the company’s phone number. Still, the company will also have a telephone centre and a phone number to provide customers with the opportunity to order a taxi on the phone if it is necessary.

Currently, the new company has 50 cars, but they would like to expand the number of vehicles up to 300 in the future. The company was established out of approximately 100 million Hungarian Forints (300,000 Euros).

The company reported that the online application would calculate the taxi fare immediately. They also emphasized that passengers need to pay more only in the case of vis major. If the taxi fares increase because of common traffic problems (e.g. traffic jam), customers do not have to pay more than the original fare.

The company added that the secret of the passengers’ satisfaction and happiness lies in young, good-looking, intelligent and happy taxi drivers. Drivers play the most important part in the company, and that is why Taxim Infinity will hire smiling young drivers and educate them in a proper and professional way.

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