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A new application developed by Hungarians is here to make your life easier in Budapest. The app currently provides vacant tables outside the rush hour of 70 restaurants in the capital, but the list will be updated with more.

We already wrote about a Hungarian app reforming carsharing services, and it seems our developers know how to create something innovative, this time in the catering industry. The app called DiningHour applies a system similar to the one flight-booking applications use, although it provides cheaper dishes outside the rush hour.

There are currently 70 quality restaurants available in the app

where you can book a table sometimes for a 50% discount, including reform roast, vegan, Hungarian and Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as confectionaries, Szeretlek Magyarország reports.

Dining Hour

While hotels and airlines are operating with more than 70% utilisation, this rate is only 35% for restaurants, which makes them increase their prices due to the empty seats in certain periods of the day. Therefore, the developers called DiningHour to life so that they can increase the number of guests in these particular periods, thus making the prices lower for those using the app. You can find discounted tables in the morning and late at night as well, shown in 30-minute breakdowns.

Developers expect hundreds of restaurants to be available through the app in a year, not just in Budapest, but in Hungary and other countries around the world as well.

“This way of cost optimisation was unknown in catering, but both restaurants and customers liked the idea. We would like to provide the experience of eating out every day to more people as well as the chance to try the specialities of high-quality restaurants.”

– says Csaba Karaszi, co-founder of DiningHour.

He added that it is inevitable for their expansion to make more and more quality restaurants to join them, but they are interested in customers’ suggestions as well. They are looking forward to being contacted by restaurants who are willing to provide discounts outside the rush hour.

You can find the gastronomical app on Google Play, App Store or on their website as well.


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