Although, at first, people think that there is no small-scale production within the city, it is not true. The agency led by Gergely Böszörményi Nagy had a great idea and launched a new website where browse the small creative workshops.

It has certainly happened to you that something had to repaired and you immediately ran into a mall or walked around the streets for hours, and still could not find the right specialist.

In Europe, the industrial production has been falling since the ’70s. In Hungary, this was further aggravated by  collectivization. This led to fact that nowadays there has been fewer small workshops in the city; however, there is a demand for it. Many people have realized that it is usually worth to pay more for a quality work.

In addition, in the last decade, if a shop is not online, it is almost non-existent. That is why it is a great thing that Design Terminál has collected these places. There are more than two hundred workshops on Grand Boulevard: hat-, glove-, brush-, and chandelier makers, and pillow manufacturers, and so on.

This also important for networking. Back then, it was quite natural that the masters knew each other and produced a product together when needed. In addition, they could easily purchase raw materials, which has not been that easy nowadays.

Showrooms and pop-up stores indicate that there is something again: we do not necessarily get our clothes and accessories from H&M, but from young designers. Among others, the website is also a huge help for them in order to find the appropriate raw material or the person who has manufactured a product.

In the recent decades, there has been a loss of training. Professions have disappeared almost completely; therefore, the surviving workshops keep and transfer the knowledge.

The website is easy to use: on the right, we can choose what kind of workshops should be filtered, and the results are shown in the map. Each workshop has photos and a brief description, and the opening time is also there. The aim is community editing, so if you know a workshop that is not up there, feel free to suggest the registration!

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translated by Vivien Pásztai


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