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New Year’s Eve superstitions in Hungary – PART 2

New Year’s Eve superstitions in Hungary – PART 2

New Year’s Eve superstitions are abundant in Hungary, and collected a long list of the most popular ones in the country. As we have seen in the previous part, there are sometimes amusing and funny ones that can put a smile on your face. Some of them actually come from folk superstitions, while others are inherent parts of our modern life. Let’s check out more superstitions related to New Year that might be interesting to consider or absolutely avoid on New Year’s Day to bring fortune into your life.

1. There is nothing bad about the consumption of pork meat on this day as pigs dig out your good luck. Furthermore, in many places, in order to bring an abundance of food and good luck into the family, people also pull the tail of a pig. A funny fact related to this is that the longer the scream of the animal is, the longer your good reputation will last.

2. If you plan to go shopping on New Year’s Day, postpone it to some other day without any hesitation as otherwise, you might face serious expenditures in the following year. Who would risk the fulfilment of such a prophecy?


No shop assistants in Hungary

3. It is a long-standing practice that shortly after midnight, people deal with lead-pouring or candle making. It is believed that simply from these activities, they can figure out who their lovers will be in the next year. Furthermore, they can also get to know what causes their good luck or hinders it.

4. Those working in small or big businesses might consider it a great idea to eat fruits to make their next year in business also fruitful. While eating apples, do not forget to count the apple pips in the fruit as it might refer to the number of great achievements and successes waiting for you in the near future.

5. Those young girls planning to get married soon should keep in mind that a handsome guy should be the 1st person wishing a happy New Year to them because if the person is a woman, it will bring bad luck. Moreover, if the person is an old man, the girl in question will not get married in the following year either, while if the person is a married man, the girl will become the mistress of the former. 🙂

6. It is also strictly forbidden to wash, sew, sweep or iron the clothes or indeed, do any kind of housework on the last day of the Old Year as luck is sweeped away by them.

7. Firecracking has a long tradition at New Year’s Eve. In some regions, even animal bladders were inflated and popped to say farewell to the Old Year. There are Hungarian households where it was held that cats should be called into the house on New Year’s Eve, and if they run away in fear, they also take all the misfortune, curse and witchcraft from the household. While this seems to be fairly nice, if it was a dog that happened to run away in fear, it also took away the marital oath that the couple had sworn to each other.

8. A modern age belief is that there should be a credit card or a large sum of money held somewhere in your wallet on this occasion to make sure that your wealth will not go below this level in the following year either.

9. Those working on New Year’s Day should keep in mind that they should only do the sort of work they wish to do the next year as well, and all this should be done in such a happy and cheerful manner, that is also going to characterize their working method throughout the year.

10. And finally, another widespread modern age obsession is that on New Year’s Eve, people carry an image of a pig or a piggy mascot with them that symbolizes wealth and happiness.

All things considered, it is up to you to decide whether you want to believe in any of the above-mentioned superstitions or they just provided some funny moments for you during the day.

We wish a Happy New Year and all the best for everyone for the following year! 🙂



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