According to, each New Year has increasingly new challenges, but our desire for security will never change – said Dr. Simicskó István on Monday, January 16, in Budapest.

Minister of Defence received and greeted the members of the Military Attaché Corps accredited to Budapest on the occasion of the New Year. Recalling the past year Dr. Simicskó István told them: “Every person has a legitimate desire for security. Therefore each community has to honour those, who (…) choose the military profession, as they are the defenders of the security of us all.”

He added that migration posed serious security challenges for Hungary last year. “The Hungarian Defence Forces became responsible for a new, important task owing to this: the defence of our borders. Our soldiers fulfilled this mission on a very high level last year.” – He noted.

As for 2017, Defence Minister pointed out that they will continue the long-term developments started last year, meant to fortify the Hungarian Defence Forces and the soldiers. “The most vital element of all developments should be the respect of the Hungarian soldier. We would like to implement this axiom in the individual equipment, the career model, and the salary. We wish to walk on this way hand in hand with our Allies and with everybody, who serves peace. This is our objective in 2017 as well” – highlighted Dr. Simicskó István.

Lt. Col. Mr. Uwe Wilhelm Clemens, the doyen of the Budapest Military Attaché Corps emphasized that the year 2016 has been extraordinary intensive. He added that the attachés serving in Budapest can work in a country, which gives them maximum support, and they owe gratitude to the Hungarian Defence Forces.

Photos by Tünde Rácz

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