Bike Route map Budapest

Magyar Kerékpárosklub created a very unique map of Budapest that shows all the bike routes you can take, and these can lead you to all kinds of hidden natural, architectural, or cultural gems located all over the city.

If you love cycling, you should save this map right now. This is probably the most complex bike route map of Budapest ever, made by Magyar Kerékpárosklub. These routes really are for everyone and can be used by any type of bicycle, Forbes reports.

Magyar Kerékpárosklub (Hungarian Cyclists’ Club) is the most significant civil organisation in the Hungarian cycling society and affiliated organisation of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF).

Bike Route map Budapest

The routes are drawn from East-Pest to Normafa and from the Northern M0 Danube bridge to the Southern M0 Danube bridge. On the map, different colours indicate the various difficulty levels and natures of the routes. On this map, you can find bike lanes, dedicated bike routes, and even streets with very light traffic.

Most bike routes on the map overlap or can be connected. In addition, several routes go by buildings included in the Budapest100 program of the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre. Budapest100 is a civil festival celebrating the 100-year-old buildings of Budapest. It is organised by volunteers, local patriots, and townsmen, and it aims to “start a tradition and draw attention to the buildings surrounding us and the human values that are around us every day.”

You can apply all kinds of filters if you are interested in specific routes. There is, for example, a route designed for tourists, a classic Budapest route, and one that goes along the Danube. You can also choose between downtown routes and routes on the outskirts of town.

You can access the map on this link.

Bike Budapest
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  1. I wonder who is that ‘extremely smart and clever’ person that decided to make a bike lane instead of a regular car lane on Nagykörút?! It seems to me that the person who implemented that decision doesn’t know anything regarding traffic and how traffic should be organized. None.

    As a consequence there are lots of jams there, at least driving between Nyugati tér and Blaha Lujza tér is a nightmare.

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