Although Mátra is the second largest wine region in Hungary until recently it has not received the attention it deserves. However, members of the newly established Magna Mátra have created a common vision to make it a wine region with strong identity.

The eight founding members – Benedek Pince, Centurio Szőlőbirtok, H2 Pince, Kékhegy Pince, Levente Szőlőbirtok és Pince, Losonci Pince, Nagygombos Borászat, Szignárovits-Maka Pince – intend to establish a unique identity for the region by relying on the traditional varieties of the Carpathian Basin. To achieve this goal the members for the next few years will  focus on identifying the red and white varieties that may act as prospective flag-bearers for the wine region. They all agree that Kékfrankos will play a central role and later on it may be joined by Kadarka, however further experiments are needed to identify other suitable indigenous varieties.

Magna Mátra members

They share the belief that the conditions provided by nature in the wine region are outstanding. Mátra is characterized by soils with good water retention and a climate that is warm but not too hot. These conditions are conducive to producing wines with intense aromas, fine balance and round tannins. Beyond the excellent basic conditions the region also boasts vineyards of special merit; by discovering and exploiting the character of these plots the winemakers are given a clear path to elevate the quality of their wines.

The flagship of the wine region will be the Magna wines. The members have already agreed on the stipulations for this wine category. They believe that thy key to a unique identity is to let the natural values prevail unhindered. To achieve this goal Magna wines will be made exclusively from varieties traditional in the Carpathian Basin with a maximum yield of 1 kg per vine. After a transitory period, the grapes may only come from ecologically cultivated vineyards, fermentation must be spontaneous and the wines must be made with minimum intervention in the cellar. The finished wines will be presented for tasting to the members for assessment. Subject to approval with at least 2/3 of the votes each winery can produce one white and one red Magna wine in each vintage.

Photo: Attila Kazsu

Magna Mátra is not driven primarily by marketing goals, the founding members are well aware that this is just the first step and membership needs to be widened to elevate Mátra to the position where it belongs. They are aware that they are still on the learning curve and while setting their sights on the future they must also respect the history and traditions of the region.

Eight wineries have set off on an exciting adventure however they hope that the direction set out by them will attract others and with time more and more wineries of integrity and high standards will join them. The first public event to introduce Magna Mátra will take place on March 20th, 2017. For further details please visit the website:

Photo: Attila Kazsu

Facebook page:

Photo: Attila Kazsu

Source: Wineglass Communication – Press release

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