The Kecskeméti TV made an educational video about why you should not drive into a closed tunnel after heavy rains.

According to Index, the Audi drove into an underpass on Wednesday that had to be closed due to heavy rainfall because water had accumulated inside.

Although no news has been reported about the condition of the car, in such a case, there is no question that the problem will be great.

Elsüllyedt egy autó az aluljáróban!

A lezárást és a vizet nem vette figyelembe az autós. Elsüllyedt a jármű egy pillanat alatt. Operatőrünk, Bárány István mindezt rögzítette.

Kecskeméti tv 发布于 2020年6月17日周三

According to the mayor, with a development of 3-4 billion forints, the city could drain the water from here.

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