Budapest, Hungary. MTI/NNK

The government has banned the export of a drug ingredient used for treating novel coronavirus patients, the government information centre said on Wednesday.

Under a government decree published on Wednesday, exports of the active ingredient hydroxychloroquine-sulfate and drugs or intermediary products containing it will be prohibited.

The active ingredient is used in the production of drugs that are also used for treating novel coronavirus patients in several countries, it added.

“Hungary is one of the largest exporters of this active ingredient globally but now it should give priority to protecting the Hungarian public and securing drug supplies,” it said.

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  1. It should be pointed out that it is in trial phase as potentially helping patients who have developed pneumonia as a result of Covid 19. It is not ‘a treatment for Coronavirus’ but an experimental treatment that showed some promise in clinical trials in China. So people should not get their hopes up about this product.

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