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A “badly prepared” government decision to close Hungary’s borders to foreigners due to the coronavirus epidemic will create a difficult situation for people commuting to work on the other side of the border, a deputy speaker of parliament said on social media on Friday.

Koloman Brenner, of opposition Jobbik, said that the move was “irresponsible” and accused the foreign ministry of having failed to negotiate with other countries before the border was closed down.

He welcomed that the government had eased the restriction since its introduction, but said that some 100,000 people commuting from Hungary to Austria were still facing difficulties.

Brenner said it was important that the economy should not be halted at the time of epidemic, and urged “well-considered” and realistic measures.

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  1. Why are the people in gov so stupid? They don’t deserve to be making these decisions when they are mentally deficient.

    The covid numbers are inconsequential in Hungary. More people die of suicides and diarrhea than covid. Are they closing down the countries for that? No.

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