Former Recsk gulag

A national memorial site will be built at the site of the former forced labour camp at Recsk, in northern Hungary, the head of the National Remembrance Committee told public news broadcaster M1 on Monday.

Réka Földváry Kiss marked the 70th anniversary of the opening of the then secret camp, which she called a “symbol of violent dictatorship”, where

an estimated 1,800-2,000 people were interned between 1950-1953, often without a court ruling.

The new monument will play tribute to inmates in all forced labour camps of that time, Földváry Kiss added.

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  1. Hungary did quite well when it comes to facing with its “ red “ past and its legacy, although in a way that often looks politically motivated rather than objective. Unfortunately the same can not be said about its “brown/black “ past. As long as a movie like 1945 has to be shown almost underground, as long as Horty is regarded as a national hero by many of its citizens and as a “ great statesman “ by its leadership, Hungary is hopeless. Not to speak of the Trianon obsession.

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