National Gallop 2019
Budapest, Hungary. 12 th National Gallop 2019. Photo: MTI

Last weekend: the 12th National Gallop was held with full house at Heroes’ square on 19-20 October 2019. The horse racing which was based on the Hungarian traditions activated hundreds of settlements this year too. It was  the largest modern Carpathian Basin rider’s ceremony.

As the organizers said, spacious and awe-inspiring Heroes’ Square, transformed into a racetrack with 6,200 square meters’ worth of special equine-friendly sand. Grandstands in front of the two museums that flank the square, the biggest screens you’ve ever seen broadcasting the action, flags flying, young jockeys, modern-day hussars on horseback, tear around the track. Hooves are pounding, dirt is flying, the crowd is cheering. Again and again, since as many as ca 250 horses and riders compete for the forint cash prize, a glittering sword, and national glory.

In this year Temerin’s rider, Arnold Nagy and his horse, Fantázia won the National Gallop.

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