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Photo: MTI/EPA/ANSA/Alessandro Di Meo

All migrants attempting to enter Hungary illegally pose health and “biological” risks, to be averted “at all cost”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Friday.

Orbán said in his regular radio interview that it would be wrong to “paint all migrants as biological bombs” by conflating migration and the novel coronavirus epidemic. However, “some are exactly that”, he said.

Until those carrying the virus can be identified, all illegal entrants should be treated as potential sources of infection, he said.

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“This is too strong a statement for social justice warriors … but Hungarians have to think about self-defence,” he said.

Orbán said he had asked the interior minister to make sure the armed forces and police continue to take forceful action against all attempts of illegal entry as it now poses health risks, too.

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