croatia infiltration

The Croatia Infiltration channel shot a documentary about the (in)famous Red Star Train Graveyard in Budapest. You don’t need to be a train enthusiast to be amazed by these steel behemoths that tell so many stories from the turbulent 20th century in Hungary.

Some of these stories are horrific. Rumors say that some of the wagons led by the old locomotive MÁV 301 were carrying hundreds of thousands Hungarian Jews to their deaths during the German occupation in World War 2.

Not all stories are like that, but the frightening weight of the history in this place is astonishing.

Among the more recent items in the train graveyard are some engines and cars from the Soviet era, inside of which rail tickets from the 1960s can still be found. Altogether the train graveyard offers a great alternative to the usual Budapest tourism sites, not only for train lovers but for anyone with an eye for history.

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