treaty of trianon statue
Photo: MTI/Lehoczky Péter

Local and central government officials on Friday unveiled a monument commemorating the Treaty of Trianon, 100 years after it was signed, in Kondoros, in the southeast of Hungary.

“In solidarity there lies enormous strength, as is shown by the historical past of the Hungarian people and the inauguration of this monument today,” Defence Ministry state secretary Szilárd Németh said at the ceremony.

He said Hungarians had suffered many hardships, but had always kept their faith in freedom, national values and Christian culture intact.

“That faith as well as patriots who can create unity are necessary today, too,” he added.

A letter from Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén was read at the inauguration in which he wrote that the Treaty of Trianon is “a wound, a stigma and a mission”. “The monument is a declaration of national solidarity and a path to the future,” he added.

treaty of trianon statue
Photo: MTI/Lehoczky Péter

The monument was erected with a grant from the manager of the Bethlen Gabor Fund, local council funding and donations from Hungarians living inside and outside of the country.

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treaty of trianon
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