Zsebe Andrea, a Petõ András Fõiskola rektora (j) elõadást tart a 9. Konduktív Pedagógiai Világkongresszuson a Pesti Vigadóban 2016. december 11-én. MTI Fotó: Mohai Balázs

Budapest (MTI) – The 9th World Congress on Conductive Education got under way in Budapest on Sunday.

The congress, held approximately every three years, is a gathering of international experts and professional organisations in the field of conductive education and related professions.

The 9th congress is being organised jointly by the Andras Pető College, the International Pető Association and the András Pető Foundation.

The system of conductive education was developed by Hungarian Professor András Pető specifically for children with neurological and mobility impairment. It applies a holistic approach to education based on complex personality development. The learning method has opened up new paths for the rehabilitation of children with central nervous system disorders.

Speaking at the event’s opening ceremony, Franz Schaffhauser, the congress’s chairman and former rector of András Pető College, called on the participants of the congress to shape the main course, strategic goals and priorities for the advancement of conductive education.

László Palkovics, the state secretary for education, said the aim of the conductive education system is to allow children with disabilities to live independently in a “normal, everyday environment” and to integrate into society. Palkovics voiced his belief in integrated education, saying that such a system helps eliminate prejudice in the long run and increases acceptance of special needs children. It also helps children who do not have disabilities develop a realistic self-image, he added. Palkovics vowed that in the future, the government would devote even greater attention to making sure that every child gets the help they need to live a full life.

András Pető College Rector Andrea Zsebe said that some 490 people from 18 countries had registered for the three-day world congress.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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