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The goverment is about to regulate the fees of charging the electric cars and the system of payments by order, says nlcafe.hu. The order in preparation can be given an opinion on until 8th May on the website of Ministry of National Economy.

Sooner or later, electric cars will also reach that critical mass by which the lack of free charging stations will not be a retarding force anymore. The government is currently preparing for this era with its new order which would regulate the fees of charging electric cars.

Kilowatt or minute

Anyone  can give an opinion on the plan on the website of the Ministry of National Economy until 8th May. According to that plan, the operators of the charging stations must give information about the fees of charging on their website, what’s more, they must indicate whether the fee is per minute or per kilowatt. For the sake of information they need to indicate both ways of accounts. In the case of paying per minute, the fee per kilowatt must be indicated on the basis of maximal capacity, while in the case of paying per kilowatt, it is vice versa, the fee per minute must be indicated on the basis of maximal capacity.

As the electric cars can be charged quite slowly at present, the order also mentions the reservation of charging stations and the days of grace.

Direct agreement or individual charging

It turns out that the operators can conclude an agreement directly with tha car owners, who will be able to charge their cars in the charging stations of normal or great performance mentioned in the agreement. In addition to the contractual clients, the operators of the charging stations will have to provide charging without previous agreement as well.

Autonavigátor believes that until the end of 2018 the era of free charging will be over when after the phase of giving opinions the Parliament will vote the bill through.

Source: nlcafe.hu

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