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No need for immigration to solve demographic challenges, says Orbán in EP

No need for immigration to solve demographic challenges, says Orbán in EP

Brussels, April 26 (MTI) – Hungary will use its own resources and meet “challenges of the European demographic crisis” without immigrants, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told an international press conference in Brussels on Wednesday.

Orbán spoke following a plenary in the European Parliament focusing on fundamental rights in Hungary, which Orbán said was in fact centered around migration and related issues. He insisted that “some MEPs” advocate migration “as the right answer” to current challenges, ensuring benefits to the bloc.

Hungary’s government and Hungarian society, however, think that labour and demographic problems could be resolved using the country’s own resources, he said. He added that the government uses “a considerable share of its GDP” to support families to meet those challenges “without immigration”.

The prime minister said those who allowed the entry of migrants into Europe needed to consider the likelihood that their children and grandchildren would “grow up in a different world”. He said migration brought two different cultures face to face with one another: one which believes in the separation of religion and politics and another that views the two as inseparable. Contrary to what most in Europe believe, these two cultures will not mix, Orbán insisted.

Hungary asks that Europe should not press for such a world, Orban added. He said migration was one of the most important questions in the EU, one which he said strained the bloc, stressing, however, that the community needed to be kept together.

Orbán said a policy of “isolation” in Europe would be irrational, and insisted that Hungary would not want “to leave the land of freedom”. “The majority of Hungarians believe that EU membership is the right thing”, he added.

The integrity of the European community must be maintained for as long as possible, even amid the difficult situation posed by migration, he added.

Hungary, just as any other EU member, must observe community law, Orbán said, adding that the Hungarian government would consider the European Commission’s recommendations.

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