Sziget Festival’s founder Károly Gerendai wanted to establish a beach and sports center in the place of Lake Lupa, the quarry that remained from the former gravel mine and which functioned as an illegal swimming site. It is three kilometers away from the northern border of Budapest. They opened yesterday.

After a short test run last year, the area has been made more comfortable and safe through a huge investment for anybody who wants to swim and do sports, as reported by The coastline has a four times larger territory for swimmers, and the entire area became filled up with white sand to create the impression of a beach. This enterprise is unique in entire Europe: a luxury beach that reminds people of a Caribbean beach with palm trees, and the services provided here will ensure the leisure of visitors in the summer season.

We can find Hungary’s greatest water adventure park, the most fascinating diving center and Central Europe’s biggest wakeboard complex here. Beside these, traditional and extreme sports will also be available from rowing to sailing, from SUP to surfing. On the coastline, beach sports lovers might find opportunities to play beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach handball, and even a new beach sport, beach tennis will be introduced. Those who prefer lawn to sand when playing football can use the artificial grass football field. Though the hosts do not allow fuel engine water sports, because they try to protect the swimmers and the water, electric boats and flyboards are also available for water skiing. Moreover, there will be a Blob, an enormous inflatable pillow, so visitors can jump onto it from a tower and bounce meters above the water from it.

Lake Lupa’s first built coastlines were divided into two parts, and they provide different services for different ticket prices. Near the smaller part of the lake lies the Lupa Strand for those who would like to rather pay less and enjoy a traditional beach experience. The other, somewhat bigger part is called Lupa Premium Beach, which will not be more expensive than an average swimming pool ticket in Budapest, but it will provide significantly better environment and services. Those who want some even more exclusive service can purchase VIP tickets, which includes a canopy bed and VIP parking lot, or they can even rent a private coastline sector with private staff. The variety of gastronomical offers is especially wide in the premium sector: while the traditional buffets offer food on Lupa Strand, the typical strand dishes and special meals are also available in Lupa Premium Beach’s gastro avenue. Beach clubs and bars can also be found there.

As families with children make up an important part of the planned customer circle, Lupa Beach has a unique playground with toys made exclusively for the beach, and also a “Kid’s Beach” that is separated from the deep water.
The tickets are differentiated: there are adult, child and family tickets, but also sports tickets and different season tickets are available. After work, from 5 pm, visitors might purchase a cheaper “sunset” ticket. The hosts did not forget about those who just want to take a walk on the “Budapest beach”, so despite the fact that swimming is not allowed after dark, the gates are not closed then. The area can be visited freely in the evening after registration and the catering establishments are still open in the night for drinking cocktails or having dinner.

Multiple parking lots were established with a capacity of 2000, and a charge of around 0.5 euros per hour (but a maximum of about 3 euros a day), and the lake is situated near the EuroVelo 6 international bike track. For those who prefer public transport: the beach is 15 minutes of walk away from Budakalász, Lenfonó HÉV station, but it is also approachable by bus.

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  1. Good to know this new place can be reached by HEV and on foot, but would be nice to know which buses also go here.

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