Between September and November 2018, unfortunately, the number of employed people in Hungary – approximately 4.8 million – started to decrease again, but this is not a surprising phenomenon due to seasonal changes. While the number of employees in Hungary keeps dropping, the Central Statistics Office’s recent data showed that the number of Hungarian residents working abroad started to increase again.

Portfolio reported that last autumn approximately 4,495,000 Hungarian residents were employed, which is lesser than the 4,502,000 residents between August and October.

In 2018 the Hungarian employment rate increased with 60,000 employees, and the number of unemployed people decreased by 11,000. This season the 169,000 unemployed residents meant a 3,6% average on the Hungarian unemployment rate.

It is important to emphasise that the number of public workers keeps decreasing and many of them find new positions on the primary labour market as the companies reduced the necessary qualifications an applicant needs to have. In 2018 the number of public workers in Hungary decreased by 50,000.

The bad news is that the number of Hungarians working abroad – for at least one year – started to increase again. Between September and November, their number was 100,000 which is equal to a yearly 4,000 increase and equal to a 14,000 increase if we take 2018’s low point in the first months into consideration.

This means that although the Hungarian wages keep on increasing, working abroad is still popular among Hungarian residents.

To sum up, in 2018 approximately 4,254,000 Hungarians were employed which is a 90,000 increase. This is a definite proof that the Hungarian labour market is reliable and efficient and experts expect another increase by the end of 2019.


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