Istvan “Koko” Kovacs, Olympic-, World and European Champion a considers a huge feat that there was a clearly poisitive reception of the decision of the Hungarian Olympic Committee’s (MOB) General Assembly in relation to the possible Olympic Games in Budapest, says.

MOB General Assembly decided in a resolution in February 6 that it recommends to Budapest and Hungary to explore the possibility of the organization of the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

Since then a lot of people spoke about it, and our fomer star said: it is worth it is worth the time and effort to work for the common cause.

“Feedbacks are extremely positive and a public opinion poll was published recently according to which the vast majority of Hungarians support the proposal of Budapest. In the light of this knowledge, it is our duty to at least examine the possibility of Candidature” Istvan Kovacs said to

Member of the Olympic Patronage Board said that it is the next months’ task to get the people know the possible consequences of an arrangement, but he is sure that Agenda 2020 is almost written for us, said.

“Agenda 2020 carries a historic opportunity. While Boston or Berlin could rather apply without proposals, currently we are the only ones before who reforms and the need for efficient Olympics can open the door”.

Koko, however, added emotions cannot obscure the meaning and he trusts that the validity of the Budapest tender will also be supported by economic facts.

“By the end of May, the updated version of the feasibility study will be finished which contains detailed the condition of the Hungarian economy, what would be the impact of the organization, what facilities should be built exclusively for the Olympics and the list could continue at length.”

According to, the former boxer stressed in this context: in addition to that considerable expenditure must be accounted for the Olympics, nor the income is negligible and the IOC supports the host with a serious amount of money.

“The organization has many aspects, all of which must be taken into account in order to get the full picture. MOB took a responsible decision, one that is required by the situation: the first important step has been taken to Budapest Olympics, but the way is long and there is even more work. It can only succeed together!”

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