The Lotz Café in the Paris Department Store (Párizsi Nagyáruház) has closed down on Wednesday, writes.

The café is located on Andrássy Avenue, in the famous Paris Department Store above the Alexandra bookstore. The grand hall is decorated with the frescos of Károly Lotz and Árpád Feszty.

According to, the café stated that they are closing down for technical reasons, but did not comment further on the matter. They also did not say whether they are planning to reopen. The café’s fate may be related to the bankruptcy of the Alexandra bookstore chain, a store of which occupies the ground floor of the Paris Department Store. On March 1, 56 Alexandra bookstores were closed down.

The ceiling of the Lotz Café

The Hungarian inventor behind the world-famous Illy coffee

The Paris Department Store, which opened on March 3, 1911, was the first purpose-built department store of Budapest. Due to its innovative ferro-concrete structure, as well as its grand hall which is decorated with the frescos of Károly Lotz and Árpád Feszty, the building is protected as a national monument.

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