Berlin, 2016. december 21. Mécseseket és virágokat néznek emberek 2016. december 21-én a berlini karácsonyi vásárnál, amelynek látogatói közé teherautó hajott december 19-én. A tettes tizenkét embert megölt, negyvennyolcat megsebesített. (MTI/AP/Michael Sohn)

Several Hungarians were at the site of the Berlin terrorist attack, including a lángos and a chimney cake seller who were unhurt. A Hungarian woman suffered minor injuries in the attack, she was released from the hospital early next morning, reports.

The Hungarian survivor, Ágnes Guba was a few metres away from the truck that killed 12 people and injured 48 at the Berlin Christmas market on Monday. She was walking among the vendors’ booths when she heard a huge crash from behind her.

“In the crowd, I couldn’t see what really happened, only that panic-stricken people flooded the market. Some people shouted ‘fire’, others ‘bomb’. Everywhere I looked I saw destroyed wooden huts and injured people lying on the ground,” said Ágnes, who felt sick and thought she was having a stroke.

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“People with minor injuries were taken to a still-standing hut, the seriously injured were immediately taken to the hospital, that is where they took me, too. I was told my blood pressure went up from the shock. I got an IV and I was quickly taken to the hospital,” said Ágnes, who saw other injured people at the hospital. She got better during the night, and after being questioned by the police, she was released from the hospital.

Security policy expert Péter Tarjányi says there is no need to be afraid. “We can’t let terrorists intimidate us, we should just live our lives, those who planned to visit the Christmas markets should do so,” he says. The expert doesn’t think that it will be necessary to close down the markets.

Photo: MTI/AP/Michael Sohn

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