Many say that Hungarian wines are the best in the world, but now an Irish website states that they are among the cheapest, as well. 

According to, a website for Irish women, Europe is a pretty cheap place if one takes Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, and some parts of Germany, and Denmark out of the equation. Of course, everybody looks for the best deals in finding good quality products. Ocean Finance, a financial services company, now found that in the case of wines.

They crunched the numbers in some of the most popular tourist destinations across Europe and discovered that the cheapest glass of wine you are going to get is likely going to be in Budapest.

Their research found that on average, a bottle of table wine costs only €4.60, meaning that you are only shelling out less than two quid per glass if you play your cards right. Coming in second place for the cheapest wine was Prague, where you will pay about €5.60, followed by Berlin where you would be paying the same price.

The study also considered the cheapest beer – for the wine-allergic among us – showing that the spot to head for the cheapest pint is in Prague, where you will spend on average just €1.17 per pint. The Czech Republic capital is then followed by Budapest, Lisbon, and Berlin, where you will be paying between €2.40 and €3.50 per pint.

Irish prices never looked so grim – they conclude.


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