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The FINA Bureau approved the new series of meets called FINA Champions Swim Series. It will include a long course 3-leg competition between April and June that will be on an invitation-only basis and will include a team scoring format.

Index reported that it is now sure that on the European continent the Hungarian capital is the only one getting the chance to welcome this spectacular event.

This three-day competition, featuring the most prominent swimmers in the world, will be held in Danube Aréna between May 10 and 12. From Hungary, only three swimmers got invited to take part in this new competition series:

Katinka Hosszú, László Cseh, and Kristóf Milák.

FINA Champions Swim Series will take place at three locations:

  1. Guangzhou, China (April 27-28)
  2. Budapest, Hungary (May 10-12)
  3. Indianapolis, USA (May 31–June 1)

Representatives of the Hungarian Swimming Association Sándor Wladár and Tamás Gyárfás travelled to Lausanne, Switzerland to negotiate the details of this new competition.

It is the first time in history that FINA puts the matter of royalties behind, which is always a problematic point for the country that hosts the swimming competitions of the federation. Also the prize – which is approximately 1,000,000 Euros – will be covered by FINA as well, which means that the organising countries only have to pay for the location and other logistics factors.

This competition and spectacular event aim to lessen the conflict between swimmers and FINA.

Sándor Wladár added that the reason that FINA chose Budapest as a location is that Hungary was an excellent host and organiser of the FINA World Cup in 2018 and the FINA World Championship – Budapest2017 two years ago.

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Source: www.index.hu

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