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Not long after three-times Olympic champion Katinka Hosszú’s online shop has been shut down by the operator, it seems that her official webpage is unavailable as well. There is a possibility that her ex-husband is behind it all.

Blikk writes that shortly after Hosszú’s webshop ironstore.hu stopped working, the operator shut down her official website katinkahosszu.com as well. Although katinkahosszu.com is still there in her Facebook bio, when clicking on it, an error message pops up.

Blikk contacted Hosszú’s PR adviser, Kinga Kiss, who revealed that the swimmer’s website and webshop is operated by the Iron Corporation Kft, the company co-owned by her and her ex-husband and ex-coach Shane Tusup.

The paper concludes that the decision to shut these two pages down might have come from Tusup.

There is a good reason to suppose that the ex-husband is responsible, considering the manner of their separation. In February 2018 Hosszú filed for divorce, a process still ongoing. Later it appeared like they could reconcile their differences and continue their professional relationship, but in May, they have announced that they will go on separate ways. At this point, Tusup had Katinka’s official Facebook page shut down for over a week.

However, Iron Swim Kft., the company of Katinka and her brother, Ádám, operates a swimming school but at the same time sells clothing too and publishes books as well, so it is possible that she moved her store to under Iron Swim.

Even though the difficulties in her private life, Katinka still managed to win four golds at the short track championship in December, with the help of her new coach, Árpád Petrov.

She told Blikk previously that she gets through the challenges of life with the help of swimming.

Blikk draws attention to the fact that in Iron Corporation’s database she is still co-owner with Tusup. In September the National Tax and Customs Administration has launched an enforcement proceeding against the company, but it was cancelled after two weeks, even though their tax declaration for which the deadline was May is still not on their website.

featured image: facebook.com/katinkahosszu

Source: blikk.hu

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