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MTI reveals that Katinka Hosszú has finally talked about her relationship with Shane Tusup after a long time. According to Katinka, it had been a rough period in their lives due to the difficulties in their marriage. Currently, they are trying to make the best out of it. Mno.hu shared details in connection with Katinka’s plans in the future.


Katinka has not taken part in competitions for a while, and she will miss the National Swimming Championship this week as well. She does not know yet when she will start competing again.

Katinka stated:

“It is sure that we are going to continue working together with Shane and we will definitely modify the preparation process. We also discussed the competition strategy and we believe that the National Championship would be too much.”

Katinka finds it fortunate that there are no big swimming events this year. It is only the Hungarian National Swimming Championship and the European Championship.

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Katinka confessed that it is no problem for her to be away from swimming for such a long time. On the contrary, she found this break relaxing and needed. She admitted that she did not have an entire week to relax in the last five years. She also admitted that she would not do anything differently, but this intermission made her realise that she does need a break sometimes.

Plans for the future

Of course, she did not forget the Olympic games in 2020 since it is a big goal for her.

She said that she loves swimming and preparing for the tournaments. On the other hand, she does not find the EU championship motivating enough, since she already has thirteen golden medals, as she admitted.

According to her, it is going to be tough work to get the fourteenth golden medal at the EU Championship though. However, she also thinks that people will take it for granted and not consider it, how much she had worked for it.

Katinka Hosszú swimming championship competition
Photo: www.facebook/Budapest 2017 FINA Vizes Világbajnokság

Photo: www.facebook/Budapest 2017 FINA Vizes VilágbajnokságFeatured image: www.facebook.com/KatinkaHosszú

Source: mno.hu

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