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Hungarian biker girls wins in Qatar

Hungarian biker girls wins in Qatar

Viktória Kis has given an excellent performance in Losail Asian Road Racing Series as she finished the first race in her category, reports.

Kis contested in the last three rounds of the Losail Asian Road Racing Series. She had two free practice sessions on Thursday, then a qualifying section and finally the two races as a racer of H-Moto Team. Kis finished the free session 12th placed (out of 33 racers), which meant the second place in her category and the first among the women. She used wrong settings at the qualifying session, meaning she finished 18th (3rd place in her category).

The first actual race was held on Friday afternoon, right before the MotoGP free session. Kis managed to reach the 12th place, finishing first in her category. The race was sharp-edged, her win was not sure until she reached the finish line.She shed some tears of joy on the podium when the Hungarian national anthem was played. Valentino Rossi, Marc Marcquez and other top plots from MotoGP spectated the race among with ten thousand people.

The second race took place in the night with artificial lighting. Kis had some problems with the gear-box unfortunately, but she could handle it. From then, the Hungarian racer ran the fastest laps and eventually finished in 13th place (second in her category).

She gave an interview after the race:

“The first race was in the afternoon, when there was 30 degrees. I started as 18th and finished as 12th, beating the Slovenian girl by only 0.6 seconds. I loved every meter of the race! We had a great battle for the first and second place, we were overtaking each other even in the last laps. I have got overcome by emotions during the ceremony after the race, I shed some tears for the anthem. The second race was in the night, by lamplight, at ten o’clock. I had some technical difficulties at the beginning, when I shifted back, many times it dropped to neutral, so I lost a significant amount of time. After the third laps, I started to shift back smoothly, so I was able to work on my position. I had to overtake many other biker, including racers with bigger motors, who were faster than my old R6 from 2006 in straights, but I was on them in the turns. I finished 13th in aggregate and second in my category. It was a wonderful experience to race in the night, I am indescribably happy! “

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